Saturday, December 28, 2013

Look Book: Sweater Weather

I know you have all had a nail polish lemming, but for 2 years I also had a sweater lemming.  How hard is it to find a beige, knit, pullover sweater? Well, surprising pretty hard. I spent hours searching online, and going in and out of stores looking for the perfect beige sweater, but I just couldn't seem to find it. Over the past few months, I have been in and out of Khols stores, and while I found lots of new jeans, dress clothes, and even pumpkin towels to match my kitchen, I could never find the right sweater. Some were white, others had an open front, some were too thin, all failed my requirements. However, the fashion Gods smiled upon me on my last shopping trip, and there it was, my perfect beige sweater...not in my size! I immediately ordered it from the Khols online kiosk, and a week later it was finally all mine!








I dreamed about how I wanted to wear my beige sweater for as long as I wanted it. I knew that would mean red pants and brown boots. I also added a denim vest for a relaxed country look.  Words cannot express how happy I am to have my perfect beige sweater in my life. Now that winter is officially here, I can't wait to see what other sweater looks I create!

Do you have a clothing lemming too?

Claws Up!

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