Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Cray Crelly Sandwich

Its so nice to finally be able to breathe again! The holidays at work are always so busy. For the past couple weeks I have been working super long crazy hours, that I didn't have time to do much else. Its great that I can finally get back into the swing of doing my nails and blogging. It was weird having naked nails for so long. Now that I feel back to my normal self, and my little nubs are starting to grow, it was time to get back to painting. I was really in the mood to do some nail art, but after I played grown-up catch up all weekend, I didn't have much time. I decided to go for a simple crelly sandwich.







The Line Up:


Hard Candy in Hip Hip Hooray
Ciate in Cutie Pie

I thought this was a cute and simple mani.  However, I kind of wish that I painted the glitter first, and 2 coats of the crelly on top. This looks more like a glitter topper than a sandwich. It was still nice finally getting back to doing my nails, I felt like I really missed it.

What do you think of my crelly sandwich?

Claws Up!


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