Friday, January 24, 2014

Look Book: Comfort Grunge and Comfort Zones

When it comes to what I wear, I feel that I have my own personal "look". I don't think I fall into any particular label or anything, but sometimes I can look at an outfit and think that it fits my style, or it isn't my look at all. I love bold colors, lots of print, and making a statement with my fashion. Lately however, I have been feeling like I want to broaden my horizons. Everyone expects me to wear a leopard top with red pants, but I want to start wearing clothes that I normally would have never seen myself in. What does that mean? Leggings as pants.


I have had this pair of black leopard leggings for ages, but I never felt comfortable enough to wear them on their own. To me, leggings felt like tights, you wear them under clothes, not on their own. But if I want to branch out I had to push myself out out my comfort zone. And if I'm going to wear leggings as pants for the first time, I might as well go all out and really wear a different look.



I love feeling like a lot of work went into coordinating my outfit, and I like to be dressed up. It is actually hard for me to dress down, it makes me feel uncomfortable.  I love looking put-together, and I felt that a t-shirt and leggings looked too casual for my tastes.


I, still very carefully, put this look together. You can take the pants away from the girl, but she is still going to to need to spend 30 minutes planning an outfit. I wanted to go for a "look", and that look was going to be grunge...ish.


It was so rejuvenating to break out of my comfort zone. I felt tied to a particular look for so long, it was refreshing to see myself look different. I have to admit I felt a little naked not wearing real pants. I love that I finally got to wear one of my Lady Gaga concert t-shirts in an outfit and that I actually felt fashionable in it, and not just like a little girl wearing a top 2 sizes too big. My mom got my that black knit sweater for Chanukkah, and it was nice to miss-match with a dressy sweater and a casual look. Those brown boots used to make me feel like a hipster, but in this outfit I felt like a bad ass rocker! I have always loved the idea of layering high socks over leggings so it was really fun to finally rock it.


Trying out new looks has definitely inspired me to keep trying new things, even if I am not comfortable with them at first. It might be something as minor as an outfit, but sometimes just changing something small can empower you to change something bigger. I wonder what I will change next!

Do you like to branch out of your comfort zone when it comes to clothes?

Claws Up!

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