Saturday, January 4, 2014

Look Book: NYE 2014

If you guys were paying attention at the end of my last post, you should have known that I would be showing my new years eve outfit today. And, if you guys really knew me, you would also have known that my outfit would be black and pink.  I have mentioned in the past that I almost always match my makeup to my outfit.  I knew what I wanted to wear on new years, so I made sure to paint my nails black and pink, so they would match my black and pink makeup. It all just came together like a surreal out of body experience for you, didn't it?









I just want to say how super duper in love I am with my new kitty stockings. I had spotted them on Pinterest a while ago, and my awesome brother got them for me for Chanukkah! I felt so pretty and fun in this outfit, and I loved how all the colors came together (its terrible lighting, but my skirt is really hot pink, I swear its not orange).  Even though I wore these matching nude and pink heels in the photos, I decided to wear a pair of pink and black sequin flats out. Ben and I were playing arcade games so I thought I should be a little practical. Maybe.

What do you think of my new years outfit? What did you wear out on new years?

Claws Up!

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