Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Look Book: Prep School

Hello everyone! I apologize for my surprise break. I went away to New York last weekend to visit home. I tried to get a post in before I left, but I just got too busy. Then I had to work extra long days to make up for taking off a 3 day weekend. But I'm back! I am working hard to read all of your posts and to write a few of my own.

I think following clothing stores on Instagram might be a bad idea. I follow Delias, and a little while ago they posted the most awesome top and it nearly changed my life. Before I could blink, I had whipped out my credit card and bought it online.  I mentioned before that I just acquired a few new sweaters, and I knew I wanted to pair my new top with a cozy sweater for winter. I ended up with a prep school look, and I have to say I really like it! I wore this outfit to Ben's dad's holiday party back in December. You guys know I need to squeeze in as many photo shoots as I can while I'm at Ben's house.




YES! Those are kitty cats on my shirt! I'm so obsessed!






And yes again, those are kitty cat earrings.

I liked wearing a look that wasn't typically me. Well, I guess green pants and cats ARE me, but I felt a little out of my element in this prep school-esque attire. I loved paring a collard top with a sweater, I will have to think up more of  these combos!

What do you think of my prep school look, and my new kitty top?

Claws Up!

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