Saturday, January 18, 2014

Makeup Looks: Hufflepuff

My Zoya 300 post/2 year blogaversary GIVEAWAY is still going om!

Every month, Nancy from Dark Side of Beauty hosts a series challenge.  I really enjoyed getting to participate in the very first month, unfortunately I just wasn't able to participate in another challenge since then.  With the new year, came a new series challenge, and this month's theme is Harry Potter! I had been dying to participate again, and with an awesome theme, I knew it was time to get back into the game.

Today ends week 2, Hufflepuff week. Ever since the books came out and we were first introduced to the 4 houses, I always felt that the Sorting Hat would place me into Hufflepuff.  In high school I wasn't the brave and loyal one, I wasn't the bad girl, and I wasn't the bookworm. I was weird and awkward, and so were my group of close friends. I didn't fit into any real label, and that made me feel distinctly Hufflepuff. I am so glad Nancy chose to do a Hufflepuff week, otherwise I never would have been inspired to do makeup for my favorite house!






The Line Up:


Yellow - Pop Lid Neon Eye Shadow
White - Milani Pain Eyeshadow Palette
Black - Urban Decay in Oil Slick
Upper Eyeliner - Loreal Telescopic Eyeliner in Black
Lower Eyeliner - Julep Kajal Eye Glider in Carbon Black
Mascara - Mally Volumizing Mascara in Black

I was really excited about this look! I love how the black shadow and white shadow overlapped in the crease of my eye, and I had to do some stripes to represent the badger. I had actually planned to take off this makeup right after I did it, but I loved it so much I wore it all day long! I almost wish I had someplace to go so I could rock this makeup out. But then people would give me weird looks...not like they don't already.

What do you think of my Hufflepuff look? Which house do you think you belong to?

Claws Up!

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