Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Think Pink

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My manicures almost always start with a specific inspiration or idea of what I want to do.  I am the kind of person that needs to have everything planned. I need to know what night I am going out to eat 3 days in advance so I can plan out how I am doing my hair, and don't even get me started on making travel plans. When planning a trip, I like to have things months in advance! I get extremely anxious when things aren't perfectly planned, so just sitting at my nail table with no real ideas left me feeling clueless. I finally decided that I was feeling something pink, monochrome, and 3D. This is what my brain came up with:







The Line Up:


Ciate in Prom Queen
Sinful Colors in Cotton Candy

While it was a little fun just going along as I went, it was definitely more stressful than following a plan. I was still really happy with how these came out. Cotton Candy is such a pretty, fun pink!

What do you think of this pink mani? Would you rather plan out your nails or just paint as you go along?

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