Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mix & Match Makeup Looks: Sleeping Beauty

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a good week so far.  Today I am continuing my Disney Mix and Match series with my Sleeping Beauty makeup look. I actually intended to have this post come out yesterday, but that ended up just not being in the cards.

I actually had quite the day! Every morning on my way to work I listen to this local morning show on the radio. The DJs on the show are so funny, and you can even text them while they are on the air! As I was heading to work, I decided to text them to try and get a shout-out. About 10 minutes later, they called me! I ended up talking to them on the air, and they are even sending me a t-shirt!  I continued to just have the craziest day, and by the time I sat down to do my blog post, I was so tired all I could do was bum out and watch TV.

Without further ado, here is the second half of my Sleeping Beauty look, the makeup!


Monday, February 24, 2014

Mix & Match: Sleeping Beauty

You may have seen on Instagram that I have been planing a new Mix & Match series for the blog. And judging by the title of this post, you might have guessed it is Disney Princess themed!

I have been a Disney kid my almost my whole life, ever since I went to Disney World when I was 2 years old. My dad and I went to Disney World every other year until I was 18, then we went back a few times after, and to Disney Land too.  I love the fun and the magic of Disney world, and of course I love the movies. My favorites were the princess movies.  I used to watch them all non-stop as a kid, and even now I have been known to still watch my fill, and happily sing along.  With every princess having their own look, to their dresses, to where they live, and what their story is, I knew I wanted to represent my favorite girls on my nails and eyes.

Nancy over at The Dark Side of Beauty is actually hosting a Disney Princess series challenge, which gave me the perfect opportunity to unveil my new Mix & Match series. The first princess in the challenge was Aurora, better known as Sleeping Beauty.  I had planned to do Sleeping Beauty looks for my series anyway, however I didn't actually watch the movie for the first time until I was in my 20's! She is one of the original and iconic princesses, and I new I needed to represent her.


Friday, February 21, 2014


Whew. Valentine's day seemed to have lead to a whirl-wind of posts: two nail looks, a makeup look, and my outfit. I actually have a manicure to share today that I did at the end of January, and I finally now have an opportunity to post it.

You guys may not know, but I am truly a hippie at heart. If I could have one wish, it would be to live in the 60's. I want to dance in a field in a flowy skirt, listen to the incredible music, and protest..anything! A part of me lives in the 60's, so I love when I get to have some of those experiences. I have been to 12 Grateful Dead concerts, and my visit to San Francisco made me feel right at home. I even have a rainbow peace sign tattoo! So its no surprise how much I love tie-dye. I love to wear it, and to make it. I have made lots of tie-dye clothes, but now It was time to tie-dye my nails!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Look Book: Another Valentine's Day

It's a few days after Valentine's day, do you know what that means? Time to see what I wore!

This Valentine's day was not without its struggles. I was extremely excited to celebrate with Ben this year. This was our first Valentine's day living together. When we were long distance, almost every holiday had to be celebrated on a different day, since we weren't able to travel to see each other on the exact day of the holiday. Now that we are finally together, we couldn't wait to go out Friday night, ACTUAL Valentine's day.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Elegant Valentine's French

Happy Valentine's day!

Hello everyone, I hope that all of you that were in range of the blizzard are all safe and doing well!  I woke up to about 8 inches of snow yesterday morning, and by the time the snow stopped, we had a foot of snow!  I tried really hard to go to work, but I couldn't even get out of my apartment's driveway.  Since I had a snow day yesterday, I have to go into work today, even though Friday's are usually my day off.  I'm not sure how long I'll have to stay at work today, but now that I have to work, Ben and I will probably have to cancel our Valentine's day plans. Luckily we set up a back-up plan for Saturday, a few weeks ago, just in case I had to work.

Ben and I are going out to a nice restaurant for Valentine's dinner, so I knew that my holiday nails had to be both elegant and festive. I normally do lots of pink and reds and glitters for Valentine's nails, but I wanted try something a little different for this mani.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Makeup Looks: Valent-eyes

Eh, I'm not doing too well with these clever titles.

Hello everyone! I am continuing the Valentine's day posts with my first Valentine's makeup look!  Of course I have done pretty makeup for going out on a Valentine's date, but I have never done a fun, themed, Valentine's look for the blog. When I started featuring makeup looks here, they were all ones that were wearable, and I did. I would do my makeup, take photos, and then go out. The more I feature makeup looks here, the more fun I am having getting a little more creative, and that means less wearable.  I knew I wanted to do a Valentine's makeup look, but when I started coming up with ideas, they were pretty far away from a pretty look to wear out to a nice restaurant.


Monday, February 10, 2014

February Julep Box

Good morning ladies! I hope you guys all had a nice weekend. I spent my weekend working, watching the winter Olympics, cooking, and working on lots of blog posts. I am taking a break from Valentine's posts to show you something special.

Its a bit ironic, but my mom is a Julep maven...and I'm not. I don't have the money to spend on any monthly subscriptions, but somehow my mom got into Julep.  She isn't a huge nail polish freak, but she does enjoy pretty colors and good deals, so she signed right up.  The great thing about that is that if she doesn't want a particular month's box, she sends it to me instead! I have actually received a number of Julep maven boxes from my mom, but it took me until February's to realize I should be showing you guys what's in the boxes I get!  For February, Julep released the Dramatic Collection. While I loved almost all of the polishes, only the Modern Beauty set had the item that really caught my eye: the gel eyeliner. Today I will be opening Julep's February Modern Beauty box, from the Dramatic Collection.


Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Gradient

Winter is always a hard time for nails. Dry cuticles, and break after break pretty much define my winters. If you guys follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you would have seen that I am starting to take Biotin. It is said to help nails, and my nails need help! They are always splitting and pealing, and while worse in the winter, they are in pretty bad shape year round. I recently had a nasty break and had to file them all down, again. I am hoping my little babies can grow!

Since Valentine's Day is around the corner, and other bloggers have gotten on the bandwagon, I wanted to start sharing some holiday looks too. I really loved Kelly's pink heart gradient, and I wanted to try out my own version.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Makeup Looks: Bellatrix

There is only ONE DAY LEFT to enter my GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello everyone! I was planning on doing my first Valentine's day post of the month today, but I got hit with a pretty bad headache, so I have different plans for today.

In a recent post, I showed you guys my Hufflepuff makeup look that I entered into Harry Potter series challenge hosted by Nancy from The Dark Side of Beauty.  The last week in the challenge was Bellatrix week. I started with a simple makeup look, but I decided to have a little fun with it. Unfortunately, I didn't win the challenge, but I loved my Bellatrix look so much I still wanted to share it with everyone.

Here is the photo that I used for inspiration:

 photo Bellatrix_zpsb0a99e5e.jpg

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Look Book: Leopard Sneakers

Rabbits rabbits and happy February! Still a few days left to enter my giveaway!!

Sometimes when I put together an outfit, its just because there is one particular thing that I want to wear, and I need an outfit to go with it.  For Chanukkah, my brother got me an awesome pair of leopard print Converse. I am so obsessed with them, but I couldn't figure out the perfect outfit. Ben and I took a recent trip to the aquarium, and I decided I wanted to wear my new Chucks for the first time. It is still cold out so it was the perfect time to add some knit layers.




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