Monday, February 10, 2014

February Julep Box

Good morning ladies! I hope you guys all had a nice weekend. I spent my weekend working, watching the winter Olympics, cooking, and working on lots of blog posts. I am taking a break from Valentine's posts to show you something special.

Its a bit ironic, but my mom is a Julep maven...and I'm not. I don't have the money to spend on any monthly subscriptions, but somehow my mom got into Julep.  She isn't a huge nail polish freak, but she does enjoy pretty colors and good deals, so she signed right up.  The great thing about that is that if she doesn't want a particular month's box, she sends it to me instead! I have actually received a number of Julep maven boxes from my mom, but it took me until February's to realize I should be showing you guys what's in the boxes I get!  For February, Julep released the Dramatic Collection. While I loved almost all of the polishes, only the Modern Beauty set had the item that really caught my eye: the gel eyeliner. Today I will be opening Julep's February Modern Beauty box, from the Dramatic Collection.




Let's see what's in these little packages!


Spotlight on Jet Black Gel Eyeliner and Angled Brush:


As I mentioned, I chose this box just because I wanted this eyeliner. My friend recently introduced me to gel eyeliners and I was super excited to try one of my own!

Spotlight on Warm Fig eye shimmer:


This was the item I was least interested in. I'm not a fan of liquid eyeshadows, but I'll give this one a chance.

Spotlight on Julep Nail Polish in Love:


As soon as I saw this polish I wanted it instantly! I was so happy it came in the Modern Beauty box along with the eyeliner.


I couldn't wait to try out the gel eyeliner. I was nervous that it would be hard to apply, since I'm not all that great at applying liquid eyeliner, but it was so easy! The swatch above was my very first time using it, and you can see that with the help of the angled brush, I created a perfect line! I am so excited to try this eyeliner out in action and create some beautiful eye looks.

I have to say I was disappointed in the eye shimmer. The photos online showed Warm Fig to be a nice plum color with gold shimmer. What I got when I swatched it was a shimmery brown with a hint of purple. What I did like was that unlike most liquid eyeshadows, this sets completely dry. I hate how liquid shadows bunch up in the crease of the eye, but I don't foresee this shadow having that problem.

005 (2)


Julep Love is a gorgeous glitter polish. I would describe it as a champagne gold with magenta microglitters. The formula was thick and creamy, with full coverage in 2 coats. I thought this polish was so beautiful, and a nice twist on a Valentine's polish. I think this polish would look great layered over different polishes. I can't wait to experiment with undies.

Overall I was really pleased with February's Modern Beauty box. I can't wait to see these products in action, and create some beautiful looks.

What do you think of this Julep maven box? Would you like to see more of these posts?

Claws Up!


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