Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Look Book: Another Valentine's Day

It's a few days after Valentine's day, do you know what that means? Time to see what I wore!

This Valentine's day was not without its struggles. I was extremely excited to celebrate with Ben this year. This was our first Valentine's day living together. When we were long distance, almost every holiday had to be celebrated on a different day, since we weren't able to travel to see each other on the exact day of the holiday. Now that we are finally together, we couldn't wait to go out Friday night, ACTUAL Valentine's day.


And then came the worst week at work...

A major blizzard hit on Thursday, and we got a foot of snow! I was unable to drive to work on Thursday, so my friend had to cover for me. That meant I had to cover her shift on Friday...that meant we had to cancel our Valentine's dinner reservations.



Luckily I'm just paranoid enough that a few weeks ago, I made reservations for the same restaurant in my name for the night of the 15th. It was really lucky that I did, because we had to postpone! I was bummed that we couldn't have our big day-of celebration, but it was better than not going out at all.

Friday the 14th was a terrible day. I had problem after problem at work. I couldn't get a break all day, from building leaks, to the fire alarm going off, and everything in between. I was so stressed on my drive home from work that I even got lost going home!



Luckily I have the greatest boyfriend ever.

I came home to a surprise of roses, a beautiful new tea set, and cupcakes! And a few hours later I got a delivery of chocolate covered strawberries from his dad! My work weekend continued to be pretty terrible, but I had a great Valentine's weekend.


On Saturday night we got dressed up and went out to a nice restaurant. The food was amazing, the wine was phenomenal, and we had a great time.



Every year for Valentine's day my mom gets me Reese's, a stuffed animal, lots of gifts, and some money to go out to dinner. One of the gifts I got this year was this gorgeous sweetheart neck, red, peplum, strapless top. Of course I knew I would have to wear it out to Valentine's dinner.


Although I wish I could have celebrated our special Valentine's day on Friday, I still had a wonderful weekend filled with sweet surprises. :)

How was your Valentine's day weekend? How did you celebrate?

Claws Up!

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