Friday, February 21, 2014


Whew. Valentine's day seemed to have lead to a whirl-wind of posts: two nail looks, a makeup look, and my outfit. I actually have a manicure to share today that I did at the end of January, and I finally now have an opportunity to post it.

You guys may not know, but I am truly a hippie at heart. If I could have one wish, it would be to live in the 60's. I want to dance in a field in a flowy skirt, listen to the incredible music, and protest..anything! A part of me lives in the 60's, so I love when I get to have some of those experiences. I have been to 12 Grateful Dead concerts, and my visit to San Francisco made me feel right at home. I even have a rainbow peace sign tattoo! So its no surprise how much I love tie-dye. I love to wear it, and to make it. I have made lots of tie-dye clothes, but now It was time to tie-dye my nails!







The Line Up:


I definitely loved this look. It was bright, colorful and fun! I love the tie-dye effect on my nails, I can't wait to play around with different colors and styles.

What do you think of this tie-dye mani?

Claws up!


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