Monday, March 17, 2014

Hidden Shamrocks

Oh my poor nails. I have had an idea for St. Patty's day nails for a while, and when I was all ready to do them a few weeks ago I had a pretty bad break..after break, after break. I was trying so hard to grow my little babies out, and the day before I painted them, one broke again! I'm not sure what's going on, but I really hope it stops soon.

I have a handful of other manicures I did in February that I will show you, but I wanted to get my St. Patty's mani out today. That means you guys are going to see some inconsistent nail lengths around here.

So here it is, my St.s Patty's nail look!


This...THIS that mani you were so excited to show us on St. Patty's?!?! Plain green nails?


I am actually rocking a color change polish with a hidden surprise!


As you can see, I painted on some green shamrocks on my green color changing polish, so when its cold, you can't see them, but when my nails warm up, they come out! Because of this, my fingers are wet in all these photos, sorry :-p





The Line Up:


Squeeeee I was having way too much fun with these. I had been wanting to do nail art with color change polish for a while, and I was really happy with how this came out! I'm sad I had to bring out my nubs while I was in the process of growing them out, but with such a fun manicure, I can't wait to show off these babies!

Do you like to create nail art with color change polish too? What do you think of this hidden nail art look?

Claws Up!


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