Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Biotin AKA I do it and my husband loves it!

It is no secret (and if it actually is, please don't tell anyone) that I have nubby nails. I have been struggling with growing my nails for my whole life. I have terribly weak nails that are constantly pealing and breaking. I see lots of bloggers with beautifully long nails, and I really wish that I could grow mine long too.

Name a nail hardener, strengthener, or grower and I guarantee that I have tried it! Yes I use OPI Nail Envy. Yes I use Barielle Nail Strengthener cream. Yes I have tried Sally Hansen Miracle Cure for Xtreme Problem Nails. I am telling you, nothing seems to prevent my babies from breaking.

Recently my mom told me that my grandma had the same problem. My mom remembers her trying every nail treatment (that you could get in the 1950's) and not a single one ever worked. I have tried to give up on finding that perfect product, but my everlasting desire for long nails just keeps me searching.

We have all seen that Biotin commercial, where the women imply that what they are doing occurs in the bedroom.  However, they are talking about taking the Biotin vitamin, that is said to improve skin, grow hair...and strengthen nails. I have tried everything possible to put ON your nails, but I decided that I needed to try a more internal solution.


On a routine trip to my local pharmacy, I stopped over at the vitamin section, and picked up a bottle of Biotin. I decided to photo-document my experience so that I could share it with you.

I took the Biotin everyday, and for a month and a half, I took a photo of my naked nails right before I painted them. My apologies for how my nails look in the photos. I thought in order to truly document the condition of my nails, it was best to take the photos without any clear coat or any oils/lotion.

x1-27-14 1

x2-8-14 3
I am actually wearing base coat in this photo.

x2-11-14 2

x2-17-14 3

x2-22-14 2

x3-15-14 2

Right on the bottle it says that Biotin improves the strength of nails. From my personal experience I have to say that this was not the case for me. As you can see in these photos, I was nicely growing out my nails, but in the last photo you can see that I had breaks on all of my nails! Just look at my sad, little pinky nail, and my nails are STILL constantly breaking.

However, the Biotin did aid in growing my nails. I could see that my nails were, and still are, growing so much faster than they used to. Getting a break is still pretty disappointing, but at least while I take the Biotin, I know that my nub wont be too short for too long. At least that is some sort of improvement!

I am going to keep on taking Biotin since a little improvement is better than none. However, I still wish that I could find something to keep my nails from breaking in the first place.

Have any of you tried Biotin? What were your experiences like?

Claws Up!

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