Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Beauty Buffs: Yellow

First of all, I want to apologize for my blogging absence, from both posting and commenting on your blogs. Work got pretty hectic. Working at a doggy boarding facility means that when most people's jobs are slowing down around the holidays, mine is crazy busy.

Second, I am so excited to be in my third week of Beauty Buffs posts! If you missed  my other Beauty Buffs posts, we are a group of beauty, fashion, and nail bloggers that post every other Wednesday around a central theme. This week's them is yellow.


I was really dreading this one at first. Yellow might be my very least favorite color (unless it's neon). However with a lots of thinking and a little planning, I actually became super excited about this post! I couldn't believe I was so happy do share a post all about my least favorite color. This post ended up containing a lot of really exciting stuff.

My yellow post didn't start off full of excitement. I rarely have any yellows in my collection and I was really racking my brain on what I wanted to do. I then remembered that I own one...ONE yellow article of clothing, an Earth Day t-shirt. Then it hit me that our Beauty Buffs post on Wednesday comes one day after Earth Day on April 22nd. Perfect! I have celebrated Earth Day with nails, this year I am celebrating with clothes!




That spawned the release of yet another series on the blog. I have been planning a t-shirt series for a while, but I just couldn't figure out how I wanted to do the posts. But with today's t-shirt post, I launch T-Looks! I have so many T's in my closet but I rarely wear them. I wanted to create a series of look book posts that feature creative and fashionable ways to rock a T!






A t-shirt and denim jeans would just be too plain for me, so I paired this Earth shirt with some green jeans. I layered a blue lace cami underneath to bring out the blues in the T. To contrast all the colors, I added a dark, rocker vest. I finished off with some comfy moccasins.  Not leather ones, of course!

Even though I knew I wanted to showcase my Earth Day T, I do still have some yellows in my collection that I wanted to post for yellow day. You guys really loved my royal blue collection collage, so I knew I needed to include a yellow one too!


As you can see, I don't have as many yellow looks as I do royal blue (I told you yellow is my least favorite color) so I had to cheat by including some looks with just one yellow nail (which is oddly always my index finger.  I swear that is just a strange coincidence).

I can't believe how much awesomness I managed to fit in this post. Its funny how I was really dreading a post about my least favorite color, and I ended up with a post filled with love! This is why I love being a part if the Beauty Buffs!

What do you think of my Earth Day T look? Are you excited to see what other T looks are in store? Which of my past yellow looks is your favorite?

Claws Up!

P.S. Don't forget to check out the yellow posts from all of these lovely ladies!

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