Friday, May 23, 2014

Look Book: artRAVE

Happy Friday! Today marks my 7th day at my new job and the end of my first full work-week. Things are starting to pick up and I'm enjoying things. All of my co-workers are super nice and friendly and it feels good to me working on such a large, important project!

You have seen my nails, you have seen my makeup, now its time to see what I wore to Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Ball: The artRAVE. I have posted about crafting my costume, but now its finally time to see it all together!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Beauty Buffs: Coral

I interrupt my series of Gaga posts for this week's Beauty Buffs!

Today we are talking about coral. I wouldn't say that I am the biggest coral fan, but over the years of blogging I have collected a pretty good amount of them. For this post I decided to try out a technique that I have never tried before: the pond mani! I actually have been wanting to try out the technique for a while, but I only one one jelly polish. Yep that's right, all of you nail bloggers can shun me now. I really want more jellies, but I just haven't gotten around to buying them. Well it turns out that my one jelly is But that's good enough for me!!


Monday, May 19, 2014

Makeup Looks: ARTPOP

I showed you guys my artRAVE nails, now its time for my makeup. While it took me a long time to figure out my nails, I decided how I was going to do my makeup pretty quickly . Of course it had to be bold, fun, and crazy, but I wanted it to reference Gaga too. I took inspiration from her clown makeup in the ARTPOP video.


Saturday, May 17, 2014


And I'm back!

I apologize for my absence but last week was just a whorl-wind! I said "good-bye" to my last job, drove 6 hours to New York for the Gaga concert on Tuesday, then back on Wednesday, and I started my new job Thursday! The concert was awesome! I had such a fun time dressing up, meeting other little monsters, and just letting loose. It was incredible to finally live out a dream! My first days of work weren't bad. Since I'm brand new there isn't mush for me to do, so my days have been a little boring. But from what I have been told, I will be spear-heading a brand new project with the company, so things should get busy for me in no time. So far I have been getting positive feedback, so I am happy about that!

No on to what you are here for: nails!

After lots of thinking, I decided that for the ARTPOP concert, I wanted honor all of the Gaga eras: The Fame Era, The Fame Monster Era, The Born This Way Era, and of course the ARTPOP Era.


Monday, May 12, 2014

This Little Monster Gets Crafty Part 2

Just one more sleep until the ARTPOP Ball at MSG (well maybe 2 or 3 sleeps if you count my naps in the car ride on the way to New York). I am spending the day getting everything packed, and of course painting my nails. Once I return from the concert I will post my nails, makeup, and full outfit, but for now I promised you the piece that I have created for the ARTPOP Ball.

As soon as I got tickets, I started dreaming up ideas of what I wanted to make. Gaga has been telling us to get our seashell bikinis ready, so that is exactly what I did!


Saturday, May 10, 2014

This Little Monster Gets Crafty Part 1

I have just realized something that I have done that is completely criminal! But first, into my time machine!

*Wavy timey lines*

About two years ago, I was all set to have my biggest dream come true: seeing Lady Gaga perform at Madison Square Garden. I had gotten my tickets to the Born this Way Ball, requested off from work, and made all the arrangements. Since I had made a caution tape dress To wear to the Monster Ball, I decided to keep the tradition alive and create another piece to wear for the BTW Ball. I had taken step-by-step photos to post on my blog, and I was saving them to reveal right before the concert. Well, Gaga had a hip injury, had to cancel the American leg of the BTW Ball, and my dreams were crushed.

What did I do that was so criminal? Well in all of this, I never posted what I made for the concert!

Good news is that I am all set to have my biggest dream come true, crossing fingers that nothing gets in my way again, I'll be all set to go to New York for the ARTPOP Ball. That means time to keep the tradition alive and create another piece. Since I never got to wear my Born This Way one, I am going to wear it along with my ARTPOP one. So I am finally going to show you what I created!

I decided to re-create the Born The Way Jacket that Gaga often wore during the BTW era.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Beauty Buffs: Color of the Year - Radiant Orchid

I want to start of with some exciting news that will answer your long-term question "why has your blogging been so sporadic over the past few months?"

Well, that would be because I have been actively looking for a new job. Most of my free time was spent applying to jobs, and the occasional interview. I wanted to keep my job search private, but I am finally happy to announce that I have a new job! It's an amazing social media opportunity, that I couldn't have landed without my blogs. I can't wait to start soon!

Now on to another Beauty Buffs post! This week's theme is all about the color of the year, radiant orchid. I have to say I had some ups and downs with this post. I don't own a single orchid polish, and I was feeling a little uninspired. I decided that this was the perfect time to try out my very first Polyvore collage! Since I didn't have any orchid in my own collection, I'll get some inspiration online.




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