Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Beauty Buffs: Color of the Year - Radiant Orchid

I want to start of with some exciting news that will answer your long-term question "why has your blogging been so sporadic over the past few months?"

Well, that would be because I have been actively looking for a new job. Most of my free time was spent applying to jobs, and the occasional interview. I wanted to keep my job search private, but I am finally happy to announce that I have a new job! It's an amazing social media opportunity, that I couldn't have landed without my blogs. I can't wait to start soon!

Now on to another Beauty Buffs post! This week's theme is all about the color of the year, radiant orchid. I have to say I had some ups and downs with this post. I don't own a single orchid polish, and I was feeling a little uninspired. I decided that this was the perfect time to try out my very first Polyvore collage! Since I didn't have any orchid in my own collection, I'll get some inspiration online.



I started out this board with just some random orchid colored things. As I played around, I realized that my very favorite character from Alice in Wonderland is orchid...the Cheshire cat! I changed a few things around and put together an outfit look to wear to look like him while rocking the color of the year.

Of course to dress like the Chesire cat, you need to rock some stripes. I added a kitty cat blouse, since he is a cat after all. Cover up with an orchid blazer, and finish with some orchid accessories. And you couldn't call this a Cheshire cat look with out a matching Alice clutch!

After I put this look together I was inspired to do a Cheshire cat mani for my orchid post. Unfortunately I ran out of time, but I definitely need to do one in the future.

Also I want to apologize. As this was my first time using Polyvore, I totally spaced and forgot to save the links to the individual items, oops! I'll do better next time, promise :)

What do you think of my very first Polyvore post? Are you loving our color of the year? Does it reminds you of the Cheshire cat too?

Claws Up!

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