Saturday, May 10, 2014

This Little Monster Gets Crafty Part 1

I have just realized something that I have done that is completely criminal! But first, into my time machine!

*Wavy timey lines*

About two years ago, I was all set to have my biggest dream come true: seeing Lady Gaga perform at Madison Square Garden. I had gotten my tickets to the Born this Way Ball, requested off from work, and made all the arrangements. Since I had made a caution tape dress To wear to the Monster Ball, I decided to keep the tradition alive and create another piece to wear for the BTW Ball. I had taken step-by-step photos to post on my blog, and I was saving them to reveal right before the concert. Well, Gaga had a hip injury, had to cancel the American leg of the BTW Ball, and my dreams were crushed.

What did I do that was so criminal? Well in all of this, I never posted what I made for the concert!

Good news is that I am all set to have my biggest dream come true, crossing fingers that nothing gets in my way again, I'll be all set to go to New York for the ARTPOP Ball. That means time to keep the tradition alive and create another piece. Since I never got to wear my Born This Way one, I am going to wear it along with my ARTPOP one. So I am finally going to show you what I created!

I decided to re-create the Born The Way Jacket that Gaga often wore during the BTW era.


What you need:


A denim jacket (I got mine from Goodwill)
Born This Way jacket stencil (I used this one)
Thick Paper
Safety Pints
Gold fabric glitter glue
Black fabric spray paint

What to do:
1) Glue the stencil to the this paper and let it dry.
2) When dry, cut out the letters and unicorn.
3) Safety pin the letters and unicorn to the back of the jacket.


4) Using the spray paint, spray over the letters to create a negative space. Make sure to do this step outside. I also used the extra thick paper to block off the parts of the jacket that I didn't want to spray paint to get on.



5) Very carefully, unpin and remove the letters from the jacket. Let the paint dry 24-48 hours.


6) Once the paint is dry, dab on polka dots in the letters with the gold glitter glue. Let that dry 24 hours.

001 (2)

Ta da! There is my completed jacket! I am so proud of it, so I was really bummed that I couldn't wear it after I had made it. I can't wait to rock this jacket next week for the ARTPOP ball!

What do you think of my Born This Way jacket? Do you like to get crafty too?

Claws (and Paws) Up!

P.S. Stay tuned to see what I made for the ARTPOP Ball! Hint: If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen it!

P.P.S. Here is my caution tape dress that I made for the Monster Ball:


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