Saturday, June 21, 2014

Creating a Color for Julep Inspired by my Grandma

Today I have a post to share that's a little different, but I am so excited about it. Julep contacted me to help them inspire a new nail polish color! I was so excited when they contacted me that my head started filling with ideas. "Julep’s nail polish colors are all named after women who inspire us—women who are strong and smart and funny and gorgeous and different.”After some thinking, I knew exactly where to find polish inspiration.

grandma 1940s

My grandma, Judith, is the most inspirational person I have ever known, not just for a nail polish color, but for strength and perseverance. My grandma grew up in a small Jewish village in Greece with her mom, dad, and 6 siblings. During WWII she, and her family, were taken to Auschwitz, where her parents and brothers did not survive. When the war was over, she and her sisters went separate ways, but she came to america, learned English, and became a citizen.

Her strength does not stop there. When she was 94 years old she contracted pneumonia. To all of our amazement, she fully recovered, and passed away peacefully a year later.

david 003

I have countless memories with my grandma. I have memories of playing, sewing, and her amazing food, but I always remember how she took pride in her appearance. She was always made up, and she used to complain about nail breaks (that's where I get it from!). When she got older, I always had so much fun picking out her outfits. Even in her 90's she had to look good! I would put outfits and accessories together for her and she would tell me "good" or "no". Sometimes if she didn't like what I picked out she would just laugh at it, it was too funny!

We used to sit outside on the nice spring days while my mom would paint her nails. She had quite the collection of perfect pink nail polishes.  When picking out a polish for her to wear, she would tell me "too light" or "too dark" until she found the one she wanted. One year my brother gave her a giant bag of different nail polishes for her birthday, and we went through them together until the only ones in her "keep" pile were her favorite shade of pink.


Polka dot dress / Topshop acrylic sweater / Sequin bracelet bangle / Carolee earrings / Ted Baker neon necklace / Faliero Sarti pink shawl / Beach sun hat / Sports glasses / Spring home decor

I knew a nail polish inspired by my inspirational grandma would have to be her shade of pink. When I think of my grandma I always think of flowers. She always had lots of pink flowers in her room, and loved floral print. I remember when I was a kid how much she loved big, floppy hats. I used to spend hours playing dress up in her hats. My grandma never once left the house without a pair of big sunglasses, and she even wore them inside too! She always loved to wear scarves and beaded necklaces. I remember we used to go earring shopping in her nursing home together. We would sit down with a big box of clip-ons, and go through each pair until she found the best ones. They were always big studs. My grandma was a seamstress and she loved to knit and sew. She was always making sweaters, and when she passed away, my mom gave me a sweater she knitted that was in her perfect shade of pink.


I want this perfect pink for my grandma. Even though she is not with us anymore, I want this color for her, as a reminder of the amazing inspiration she was.

What do you think of my grandma inspired pink shade of polish? What colors remind you of your grandma?

Claws Up!

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