Monday, June 30, 2014

Floral for an Ice Cream Social

Hello and welcome to another Monday. Now that I work a 9-5, Mondays are a sad thing. But that also means I actually have weekends off! Its so nice to go out and do weekend things, since at my last job I used to have to work on the weekends.

Yesterday I actually went to my very first blogger event! It was a Gifford's ice cream social hosted by the Nova Housewives. There was delicious food, free ice cream, and lots of fun things to do. After Ben and I had our ice cream, we spent the evening playing mini golf. I also walked away with an awesome goodie bag! I wish I would have talked to more bloggers, but it seemed like everyone knew each other and I was the odd one out. Hopefully in time I'll start to know everyone too!

Since I am partly a fashion blogger, I wanted to wear a cute dress to represent myself. It was the perfect summer evening, and that means a perfect summer dress!






I love the cute floral print on this dress and I love that it has pockets! Its to comfy and pretty, the perfect dress for a summer night of fun and ice cream with other Virginia bloggers!


Here is the awesome goodie bag I got. That caramel sauce is to die for, and I love that I got a coupon for more free ice cream! Mmm!

What do you think of my summer dress? Have you been to a blogger event? Does it get less awkward in time?

Claws Up!

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