Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Makeup Looks: Maleficent

My life has been one major game of catch up lately. I had to get ready for my anniversary weekend trip last week, so this week I need to catch up from being gone the weekend before last, plus I'm going to Florida this weekend! I am still a week behind reading blog posts, plus I am scrambling to get my own posts done! On top of that I am trying to stay on top of my TV shows and movies.

Oh Movies.

There are so many good ones that have been coming out one right after the other. Last weekend, Ben and I went to see Maleficent. Ben wasn't thrilled about it but I am a HUGE Disney fan (2 more days until I am in Disney World!!!!) So I needed to see it. It was pretty good, but I had hoped it would be creepier/less kiddie. Saturday morning I put on a purple and green top, and I decided to match my makeup (as I usually do). When I was all done the colors reminded me of Maleficent! I guess that was pretty appropriate since I was seeing the movie that night.






My Maleficent look was definitely more bright and colorful, like the cartoon version, than dark and brooding like the live action one.  I decided to go all out on my upper eyelid, but stick to just some white shadow without any liner or mascara on the bottom for a look that's a bit different for me. I loved how colorful and bold this look was!

What do you think of this surprise Maleficent look? What did you think of the new movie?

Claws Up!

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