Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Beauty Buffs: Neon Everything

Everything? Neon everything? Well you asked for everything and you are going to get everything!

I have been planning this Beauty Buffs post ever since I first heard about it. I absolutely love all things neon! Now, pastels are nice, and I do love royal blue, but neons would have to be my favorite, and when Nory said that this week's theme was neon everything, well I am going to give you everything!


1. Nails
Of course this blog started as a nail blog, so nails had to be on the menu. I gathered my best neons and went to town. I love how bright neon looks with black, so I added some dotty nail art.



I was trying to go for some kind of swirly dotticure. It didn't come out exactly like I'd hoped, but I still loved the bright neons, and black contrast.

2. Makeup
You all know I love bright fun makeup, and I love to match my nails to my makeup.




3. Outfit
I have a few neon pieces in my wardrobe. Most of them are shoes, accessories, and bathing suits, but I do have a few others, and I needed to bring them out for my neon post.





Of course I wouldn't wear this outfit out, but it was fun to wear all of my neons at once. I felt so colorful and bright!


I had so much fun with my favorite colors in 3 fun looks! I know they might not be all that practical, but I love going all out.

Do you love neons and much as I do? What do you think the next Beauty Buffs theme will be?

Claws Up!

And of course, check out the rest of these lovely ladies!

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