Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Beauty Buffs: Stripes

Hello and welcome to another Beauty Buffs post! Sorry for my sporadic posting lately. I had a hint of a mental break down last week because I was soooo busy.  But I managed to get everything done before my trip to Florida last weekend. My dad and I went to my favorite place ever...DISNEY! Then we visited my grandpa for father's day. Now I am back and with some awesome updates...but you will have to wait for those! Sorry I'm such a meanie, but it will be worth the wait :)

Today's post is all about stripes. Sadly, I wasn't feeling too inspired by this prompt. I did a stripe look for my pastel Beauty Buffs post, and I didn't want to do another similar look. I decided to try and think out of the box, and make striping tape out of pink nail polish and scotch tape. Sadly, it didn't turn out how I had hoped, plus I had just suffered a terrible break, and I wasn't too happy with my little nubs.







The Line Up:


Ehh not too thrilled with this, but at least all the colors are petty! Too bad my camera wouldn't cooperate. Oh well, just trying to look on the bright side :) Get ready for some awesome things around here soon!

What do you think of my stripped Beauty Buffs mani?

Claws Up!


And as always, make sure you check out the other buffs!

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