Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My First Time with Acrylics...sorta

Hello everyone! How was your 4th of July? Mine was super rainy, but I was happy I still got my beach day on Saturday. But now I'm back to the daily grind. I actually have a day-long meeting at work today. This is my first one so I am excited to see what it entails.

As you know, my nails don't like me. No matter what I try, they are always breaking. My grandma also dealt with this disability, but then I remembered my mom. She has had acrylics on her nails since before I was born. I remember being a kid looking at her nails and asking if they were fake, and she always said no. For a while this really confused me, until I realized that she had acrylics over her natural nails, and she didn't have false ones under. What a brilliant idea! I hate fake nails, but I could put acrylics on my natural nails to prevent them from breaking.

That meant a trip to CVS...


I picked up this Nailene acrylic set recently. I settled on this one because it only came with the liquid, powder, brush, and file. Since I wasn't planning on using fake nails, I didn't want a whole big kit.

Then I watched lots of YouTube videos and read different articles to learn as much as I could about how to apply them. This was my very first attempt using the set:


1. After removing my nail polish, I used Deborah Lippman Cuticle remover to clean up my cuticles. I learned that acrylics won't stick to wet nails, which is why I used the remover, instead of soaking my nails in water like I usually do.
2. I then filed my nails like normal.
3. Next, I gave my nails a good buffing.
4. The next step is to apply acetone to the nails.
5. Then I prepared my materials by pouring a little bit of the liquid into a small glass bowl. My dad is a dentist, and he actually just sold his practice, which means he has all kinds of dental equipment that he has no use for. That includes his dappen dishes, which he used for...mixing acrylics! My dad was nice enough to let me have two of them.
6. Now its time to apply the acrylics. Dip the brush in the liquid, then slowly pull it over the powder until a bead forms. Press the bead to the nail, and use the brush to move the acrylic to cover the nail.
7. Once it was all dry I filed the edges smooth...
8. ...and buffed the acrylic smooth.
9. Last but not least, I applied lots of cuticle oil.






I really like the look and feel of the acrylics on my nails. I actually have had acrylics done in a salon a few times, but I didn't like them because they put fake nails on too. This made my nails feel thick and strong, but still natural.

Unfortunatly, I had lots of issues with them lifting and popping off after a few days of wear. After talking to Kelly, she told me that when she used to do her own acrylics she had the same issue, until she started using a nail dehydrator and primer to prep her nails. Hopefully I can pick some up soon, and then get back to business!

Have you ever done your own acrylics? Can you give me any other advice to prevent them from lifting?

Claws Up!


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