Friday, July 25, 2014

Physician's Formula Haul


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Back in the beginning of July, I spent the 4th weekend in Atlantic City, NJ. Silly me, when I was getting all made up for the drive over, I totally forgot my makeup bag at home! It wasn't until we stopped for dinner in Baltimore that it hit me I was totally makeup-less! And for me, that was a major crisis.

I knew I had to take the plunge, and the next morning I went to CVS to restock with the bare essentials. If you follow me on Facebook, you would know that I made the decision to only buy cruelty free makeup and nail polish. Well that made it super hard when going to buy makeup at a drug store, since almost all drug store brands test on animals. Luckily, CVS carries Physicians Formula which is cruelty free. Yay! They were also having a buy 2, get 1 free sale, so after about 30 minutes of deciding, I picked 6 products I felt were essential to have.



Fake Out Mascara - Ultra Black: PF had a number of mascaras on display, but I opted for one that was in the Organic Wear line. This is a pretty decent mascara, nothing spectacular, but a nice mascara, and nicer that its organic and cruelty free! I think next time I will try one of the other mascaras and see if its any different.


Concealer twins - Yellow/Light: I was really excited to play with these when I got them. I love that you can customize the color by blending the two concealers. I use the yellow one first, under my eyes, then I layer on the light one to blend into my skin tone. Definitely a really fun set!


Mineral Wear Airbrushing Blush - Rose: I really love the color of the blush in the package, however it goes on very pigmented. If I used a light touch, and blend it in with the powder, it gives me a beautiful rosy look.

Gentle Wear Pressed Powder - Translucent Medium Organics: If there is one thing PF isn't short of, that's powder! The display in CVS was almost entirely face powder. All different kinds varying in color, formula, function, and anything you could imagine. It was pretty overwhelming, so to cut down my choices I opted again for the organic one. I have actually used this powder before. It leaves a nice covering that evens out my skin, but its still light on my face. The only negative is that I has a pretty strong, unusual smell that reminds me of wicker. Probably because its all natural and organic.


Shimmer Strips Eyeliner - Smokey Nude Eyes: Included in my haul, I picked up this eyeliner trio that contains Dramatic (the black), Natural (the silver), and Playful (the gold). These eyeliners are nicely pigmented and glide on easily. I wore them in a look with my eyeshadow, but they suggest wearing all three on their own to create a nude smoky eye, which I still need to try out!


Shimmer Strips Shadow - Brown Eyes: PH had an eyeshadow pallet for every eye color, but of course I chose the one for brown eyes. As you know I love fun and dramatic makeup looks, but when I go to work I usually wear a combo of light purple, shimmery nude, and brown on my eyes. I already love using these colors to make my eyes pop, so I was so excited to play with this pallet. I love how shimmery all the colors are. They are pigmented enough so that they stand out, but not so much that they give you raccoon eyes. I love experimenting with these!

Here is the look I created using my PF haul:




I am pretty sure I used every single color in that shadow pallet on this look, its so fun! I also opted for the silver eyeliner on my bottom lash line, but I wore this look with the gold one too. I love this pretty, natural look, and I love that its all cruelty free even more!

I ended up having some lippies in my purse, so I didn't need to buy any, but they did have a few that I would like to pick up and try out. PF also carries liquid eyeliner, and a few other products that I would like to try too. I wanted to keep this haul limited to the essentials, but you better believe I will be back to pick up even more products!

What do you think of my Physician's Formula haul and look? Have you tried this brand before?

Claws Up!

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