Sunday, August 31, 2014

Look Book: Maxi for a Mini

Maxi dresses, the struggle is real. For an average height girl, maxi dresses are the thing! They are pretty, comfy, and its super easy to throw it on and look amazing. And for tall girls, they are quite a statement maker.

For a 4 foot 11 inch tall girl, maxi dresses are a whole different story. When I go into the store and I see maxi dresses hanging on display, they are usually taller than I am! I used to openly laugh at maxi dresses, because I thought they had to be a joke, no one is really that tall (or maybe I am really just that short).

Silently, I was jealous. I loved the look of maxi dresses, but I was too short to have one. Until now! While picking through the clearance rack in Kohl's (where I find most of my clothes these days) I found it: a maxi dress that wasn't ridiculously long! I tried it on and fell in love! I still had to get it shortened, but just a little, and it fit like a glove.






I love the big, beautiful floral pattern and all of the colors. I was scared this long dress would swallow me up, but I think its just the right amount of bold. This dress makes me feel like I am wearing a blanket! It is just so comfy, I can't stop wearing it! Seriously, I think I have worn is to run errands every weekend since I got it.

What do you think about maxi dresses? Easy and pretty, or too much dress?

Claws Up!

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