Friday, August 8, 2014

My Nailmergency Kit

Weekends in my life have been crazy lately, and they are only going to get crazier! Summer into fall seems to be my busiest time. To me, that means traveling. And I don't mean fancy week-long vacations. I mean weekend trips to New York to see my family, Pennsylvania to see Ben's, Florida for grandpa time, Texas brother weekends and much more.

As a nail blogger, my ten digits are my money makers, and that means I need to care for them 24/7. A while back, I took a bunch of nail essentials, threw them in a bag, and took that with me anywhere I traveled. This has now evolved into my nailmercency kit.



Bag: Isn't this kitty bag the cutest? My bestie Sara got it for me last year for my birthday, and it has become my official nailmergency bag ever since!

Healthy Hoof: I picked up this nail and cuticle cream from Harmon a couple years ago. Its full of nail protein stuff, and has been my go-to ever since.

Jojoba Oil: Dulcie sent this little bottle of  100% vegan jojoba oil to me ages ago. Its the perfect little travel size, plus its a roller ball so if I am riding in a car trip I don't have to worry about spilling oil. That's a quality that is important to me because I spill things on myself about 41695 times a day.

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Top Coat: I always make sure I have a bottle of clear coat with my when I travel to stick on any polish that is starting to come off. Its a lot easier to travel with one bottle to stick old polish on, than traveling with lots of bottles of nail polish. This bottle is perfect because it is a mini size, so is easy to travel with (kinda like me).

Nail Clipper: I know all of you nail ladies are about to cringe, but I have a terrible habit of picking my cuticles. I know, I know. If I have a piece of skin that is sticking out, its going to drive me mad, so I need to keep these little saviors with me.

Nail File: I think this one is self-explanatory. Just a plain ole' emery board to fix those breaks. And for me, that's inevitable.

Eos Hand Lotion: Finally, no nailmergency kit can be complete without hand lotion. I hate having dry skin on my hands and this Eos lotion is just as awesome as the lip balm. Of course, I love the travel size!

I feel like you ladies just got a sneak peak into my world, even if its just a bag full of nail stuff. Now that I have the nail travel formula down pat, it makes planning for my nails easy as pie!

Do you have your own nailmergency kit? What do you keep in yours?

Claws Up!

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