Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Beauty Buffs: Fall

Every year I spend winter, spring, and summer counting down to fall. Hands down, it is my absolute favorite season. I love the crisp weather and crisp leaves. I love wearing boots, scarves, and sweaters. Oh God do I love pumpkin spice! And I love the very best day of the whole year: Halloween.

Fun fact: I decorated my kitchen in a fall theme...and by fall theme I really mean Halloween theme.

I am so excited that fall has come early this year! I am loading up on pumpkin spice and happily replacing my summer clothes for fall ones. My Halloween costume is all ready, and I am starting to think about what to add to my birthday wishlist. So when The Beauty Buffs chose fall to be this week's theme, I knew I had to rock it, and represent my favorite time of year!





While I didn't use too much in this mani, I needed to show you guys Revlon Autumn Spice. It is the perfect fall polish! It is a gorgeous brown with color shifting flecks, and it smells amazing. When I had it on I couldn't stop smelling my fingers, they smells just like a pumpkin pie!



I happily rocked my fall nails even though it is technically still summer. It is never too early for fall in my book. The wheels in my head have started turning as I prepare for October's month of Halloween looks!

What is that awesome pumpkin background you ask? One of my kitchen towels!

Do you love fall as much as I do? What is your favorite part about it?

Claws Up!

Check out how my fellow Beauty Buffs rocks this week's fall theme:

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