Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Month of Halloween Looks: Graveyard

Zombie rabbits and happy October! We have officially entered my favorite month, which means a month of Halloween looks. I am obsessed with Halloween, and for me, Halloween starts on October 1st and is a month long. Plus it spills over to November 1st and 2nd during the Day of the Dead and my birthday ;)

It is a family tradition that on October 1st, my dad and I decorate our house for Halloween. I'm really sad that this tradition had to end, but I made a little display at my apartment and my office, and of course, on my nails. 

For weeks I have been thinking about doing a matte graveyard scene at sunset, so that's how I am going to kick of a Month of Halloween Looks.





I also needed to take advantage of my nails not breaking in a while, and I decided to do some underside nail art too!


I wasn't too thrilled with how the graves turned out, and I'm sure you couldn't even tell that's a little zombie hand. But I love the look of the sunset sky! In the end, I think that really is what made me love it. Plus you can't beat underside nail art!

What do you think of my graveyard mani? Are you excited about Halloween too?

Claws Up!


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