Saturday, October 18, 2014

Julep Plush Pout

I am currently in a love-hate relationship with Julep. I love the products: great quality, and cruelty free. Usually everything is great, they are always responsive and helpful. However, my mom and I had a little hiccup. I already mentioned that my mom had to get angry to get my cat stickers, and then we had another issue.

My mom ordered a lippy and a primer for me. I waited and waited and it never came to my door. My mom called around and she found out that the post office never received it from Julep, but Juelp claimed that it was lost in the mail.


She tried to get another order, but Julep had run out of the lippy. After more mom-yelling, they were able to locate another one!


I finally got to try out Julep's Plush Pout Lip Crayon in Cardinal Red Creme, and the Blank Canvas Plumping Lip Primer.




Here is the lip primer on its own. It went on easily, and after a few minutes I could feel my lips tingle. I didn't notice any plumping though.


Cardinal Red Creme is a nice bright red with a hint of coral. I had hoped this would be a more true red, I'm not convinced this is the right shade of red for me. It went on nice and smooth, and was only a little bit drying, which is pretty good for lipstick!



Three hours, and one pumpkin spice latte later, you can see the lippy was almost gone, with just a little color left behind.

Overall I'm not super impressed. I hoped that with the primer, the lippy would last longer, so I was a little disappointing. Plus, I'm not really in love with this shade of red. I did like that, for a lipstick, it didn't feel super drying, and I love the moisturizing balm in the center.

What do you think of Julep Plush Pout in Cardinal Red Creme? Do you find using a lip primer keeps your lippy on longer?

Claws Up!

*Ben and I are visiting the Renaissance Faire today, I was in the mindset.

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