Saturday, October 11, 2014

October Julep Box: Mommy's Little Monster

Halloween continues on around here, and today that means October's Julep Maven box! My mom signed up for Julep Maven back when you were able to pick and choose which months you wanted the box sent to you. Every month, if she doesn't want that box, my mom checks with me. October's Julep Maven box released the Black Magic collection.  There was no way I was passing this one up:

1. October means a Halloween themed collection and goodies.
2. Cat stickers. Need I say more?
3. Little Monster right in the name? Clearly, it was made for me!

Just a quick side note, when my mom went to buy this box for me, they had run out of the cat stickers. After numerous angry phone calls, they were able to scrounge up some more to put in my box. This just makes the name of the box even more fitting!

Let's unwrap it together!



Already obsessed with the black, and glittery orange wrapping. And, of course, with the Poe quote, love him!


Katerina - A flakie topper in a clear base. Very pretty on it's own, but meant to be layered. Shown here is two coats with no base, and one coat over black, no top coat.



Tatiana - An insanely gorgeous orange shimmer. Two coats, no top coat:



Dahlia - A beautiful golden-yellow shimmer. Two coats, no top coat:



These classic Halloween colors (and some candy inspiration) were just screaming for some candy corn nail art. Plus, my nails are even shaped like candy corns! I was actually surprised when I realized that I had never done a candy corn mani, but then I realized, that's probably because I hate the stuff. Even if they are the poster child for Halloween candy.




This box also came with Julep's Freedom Polymer top coat, which I am really excited about! I wont be able to paint my nails this weekend since I am in New York to visit my family. I can't wait to see how this top coat holds up!


These polishes are all so pretty, and are perfect for fall! I love Katerina over black, but I wish it was more opaque on its own. To create a candy corn look, I needed to layer it over white. Unfortunately that completely ate up the flakie effect making it really hard to photograph.

The cat stickers are so cute, and I like that they don't scream Halloween, so I can use them year-round (don't get me wrong, I would happily sport Halloween looks any time, but I don't want to get strange looks). They were easy to stick on, with no sign of lifting!

I am really happy with October's Julep Maven Mommy's Little Monster box. I can't wait to see what next month holds! P.s. It will be my birthday month!

Are you a Julep Maven? What was your favorite item in the October box?

Claws Up!


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