Wednesday, November 26, 2014

[Weddington Way Style Challenge] One Bridesmaids Dress,Two Ways

Like most girls, I have been planning my wedding since I was a kid. It didn't matter to me who the groom would be, I spend hours dreaming about what my dress would look like, who would be standing next to me, and what songs would be played. As I got older some of my choices changed, but one thing that hasn't changed is that my bridesmaids would be wearing short, red dresses.

I was challenged by Weddington Way to style a bridesmaids dress two ways: a wedding look, and a weekend look. I checked out their website, and I chose this dress because it is what I had envisioned for my future bridesmaids. What I love about Weddington way is they they have a huge selection of styles and colors, so its pretty much impossible to not find the perfect dress. You can also order a dress swatch, to make sure its the perfect color to fit your theme. To top it all off, you can even give your bridesmaids $15 towards their dress! Because lets face it, those girls are already going to be dropping $100-$200 on a dress they didn't even pick.

For the wedding look, I styled the dress I chose in the way I would want the bridesmaids to dress for my own wedding (are you paying attention, Sara?)

Red and Turquoise Wedding

I am totally obsessed with the color combination of red and turquoise and as of right now, they are my chosen wedding colors. I added lots of turquoise accents to wear with the red dress. I love a good statement-making necklace, and of course the perfect matching nail polish. 

As I mentioned, bridesmaids dresses aren't the cheapest, and If I'm going to ask my friends to buy one, I'd like to make sure they can re-wear them. The good thing about a nice bridesmaids dress is that they are pretty much a blank canvass. They are easy to accessorize to make a perfect night-out look. 

Red and Black night out outfit

If I'm not pairing turquoise with red, you can bet there will be leopard print involved. A wide black belt adds an element of interest to the dress, making it not seem as if you are wearing a bridesmaids dress. Lots of black accents turn this bold red dress into a classic look.

Which Weddington Way dress would you chose for your bridesmaids? How would you style this red dress?

Claws Up!

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