Saturday, December 20, 2014

[Modani Style Challenge] Living Room Style

Want to hear a little known fact about me? I used to want to be an interior designer! When I was a teenager, my dad let me design and decorate almost every room in our house. A bathroom tile and fixtures store near my house loved my ideas so much, they even offered me a job when I turned 18 (spoiler: I never ended up working there).

I love starting with a central theme, and then my mind just explodes with ideas on how to bring it to life in a room. I really wanted to stretch my interior design muscles again using some pieces from Modani.

Modani Chic and Modern Living Room Design

Modani features really cool looking pieces from modern sofas to decorations, mixed in with some glam. I decided to go for a sleek look when designing my Modani living room, and started with silver and white. Of course I had to add in pops of colors (I am obsessing over those throw pillows!).

The one thing I was a little disappointed in was that almost every piece of furniture was made of leather, and as a vegetarian, I do not support the use or purchase of animal products. Luckily I ended up finding this nice white couch made of leatherette. Win!

I was really pleased with how my room came out! White and silver add a really chic and modern element, while the pops of color bring life to the room. Once I move out of my apartment and get my own home, you bet I will be designing again, and Modani offers some really cool pieces!

What item in my Modani living room do you like the best? Do you like interior decorating too?

Claws Up!

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