Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mix and Match The Little Mermaid + Born Pretty Store Review

I am back with another Mix and Match Disney princess look, and this time it's Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I love The Little Mermaid so much, I was even hipster Ariel for Halloween.

There's was no way that I could do an Ariel look without these seashell nail studs from Born Pretty Store. I received ten of the silver seashells studs (say that ten times fast). I love that they are curved because it helps them sit really nicely on the nail. They are so pretty, easy to apply, and really nice quality. The one negative is that they are a little big for my small nails, the one on my pinky pretty much covered up all the nail art I had done. On average sized nails I think they would be a nice size. 

Born Pretty Store silver seashell nail studs Coupon code JACG10

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I Said Yes! - Valentine's Day 2015

February is almost over, but I wanted to make sure I filled you in on my amazing Valentine's day! I mentioned that I would be celebrating in New York City, but I wanted to share all the details of my night.

It actually ended up snowing Saturday evening and it was really cold, but that didn't stop me from wearing my new dress that my mom got me for a Valentine's day gift. Ben and I got all bundled up and drove into the city.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Zoya Promo Swatches Part 2

I am so happy its finally the weekend! It was just one of those weeks. I can't wait to relax under a warm blanket, drink some yellow tea, and do my nails while it snows outside.

Today I have the second half of my Zoya promo swatches to share. I recently got six nail polishes in a Zoya promo, three that I chose, and three mini mystery polishes. The mystery polishes were really nice, but I was so excited to try out the three that I chose!

Zoya nail polish swatches, zoya solange, zoya channing, zoya paloma

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Zoya Promo Swatches Part 1

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's day weekend, and survived all the snow during the beginning of the week! I had a pretty amazing Valentine's day, which you might have heard about if you follow me on Instagram. I will go into more detail in a future post!

Recently, Zoya had a promo where you could choose three nail polishes and they would ship you three mini mystery polishes for free. I will show you which three polishes I chose in my next post, but fist I wanted to share the three free minis.

Zoya Mystery Minis Zoya Mini Servine Zoya Mini Charlott Zoya Mini Anais

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Look Book: I Heart NY

Happy Valentine's day! I have always liked Valentine's day from handing out Disney princess Valentines in elementary school (and saving the football one that I got from my crush), to anxiously waiting to see how many carnations I would get during the high school Valentine's day flower drive. But this year I am especially excited to celebrate since I am finally going to see Aladdin on Broadway and have dinner at Joanne Trattoria, the Italian restaurant owned by Lady Gaga and her family. For a Disney-obsessed little monster, this is dream come true!

I have already done a Look Book post on the dress that I will actually be wearing tonight, but I still wanted to show you a look that is fitting for a night in New York City. My mom got me this awesome dress for my birthday with the New York City skyline across the bottom. With some red accents, this is a perfect dress for Valentine's day in New York!

Black dress with New York City skyline print with a red belt and red heels

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ombre Hearts

Valentine's day is right around the corner and I wanted to squeeze in another love themed mani before Saturday!

Want to hear a secret? When I started this little blog, I did not own one bottle of red nail polish. You read that right, not one! Over the last 3 years my stock pile has really grown, and now my cup runneth over in red polishes. I have wanted to do some ombre nail art for a while, and with my collection of reds and pinks, I thought Valentine's day would be the perfect occasion.

Pink to red ombre heart nail art for Valentine's day

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Mix and Match Makeup Looks: Valentine's Day Glitter Gradient

After posting the nail half of my Mix and Match look, its now time to reveal the makeup half. I wanted to keep the theme with a red to pink gradient, plus add lots of sparkle. Of course I had to finish this look off with more of those little heart fimos. Seriously, how cute are they?

Valentine's day pink and red glitter gradient makeup

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mix and Match: Valentine's Day Glitter Gradient

February is here and that means Valentine's day is around the corner. I have always liked Valentine's day. I am a romantic at heart, and I will never pass up a day to celebrate the best thing in the whole world: love! Remember, the day isn't just about romantic love, but family and friend love too. My mom actually sends me a Valentine's day gift each year with a stuffed animal and Reese's.

I also love celebrating holidays because that means I can do my favorite thing, dress up! And Valentine's day means dressing up in my favorite colors, pink and red. Even though I have had some pretty brutal nail breaks recently, I decided to bring out my nubs for some Valentine's day looks.

Valentine's day pink and red glitter gradient manicure



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