Saturday, February 21, 2015

Zoya Promo Swatches Part 2

I am so happy its finally the weekend! It was just one of those weeks. I can't wait to relax under a warm blanket, drink some yellow tea, and do my nails while it snows outside.

Today I have the second half of my Zoya promo swatches to share. I recently got six nail polishes in a Zoya promo, three that I chose, and three mini mystery polishes. The mystery polishes were really nice, but I was so excited to try out the three that I chose!

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Zoya Pixie Dust Solange

This is such an gorgeous yellow gold texture polish! Its so bright and glittery and just everything I love. I just love the texture look, its so striking! Shown here is two coats.

zoya pixie dust solange swatch

zoya pixie dust solange swatch

Zoya Channing 

The second I saw this polish I knew I needed it it my life. Channing is a beautiful copper color with little gold glitter flecks. Great formula, shown here is two coats.

zoya channing swatch

zoya channing swatch

Zoya Paloma

I have been trying to grow my jelly collection for a while, so I never pass up a chance to pick one up, especially one as gorgeous as Paloma. I love this beautiful magenta purple and I am obsessed with the squishy finish! Shown here is four coats which was needed for full opacity.

zoya paloma swatch

zoya paloma swatch

I also wanted to show how Paloma builds up. This photo shows one coat on my index finger, increasing to four coats on my pinky. As you can see at one and two coats its pretty thin, with more opacity at three and four coats. I can't wait to play with this polish some more. Look out for gradients and pond manis!

zoya paloma swatch gradient

I loved all three of these Zoya polishes! I am so happy to add these to my collection and I can't wait to keep using them.

Stick around, I have a really exciting announcement coming soon!

Did you pick up anything in the Zoya promo? Which of these polishes is your favorite?

Claws Up!

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