Wednesday, May 27, 2015

6 Years Together: Our Trip To Williamsburg, VA

Today marks exactly 6 years since my fiance asked me to be his girlfriend. Sometimes it feels like we have been together 60 years, and at the same time it feels like we have only been together 6 days. We have had so many firsts, and with our wedding in the future, we have many firsts to come. I love you, Ben! Happy 6 years!

To celebrate, Ben and I spent the long weekend in Williamsburg, VA. We went to Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, and Busch Gardens. I totally geeked out at Jamestown! I am obsessed with the movie Pocahontas, so it was so cool to see where she actually lived. I got to walk along the shores where John Smith landed (and where Pocahontas sang Just Around the River Bend), and even saw the original foundation of Virginia's first government buildings.

Busch Gardens was so fun too! The food and wine festival was going on and I got to try lots of amazing food. The best part was getting a personal tour of the wolf training program. Ben and I even got to work on some training with the wolves. Amazing!

If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a few photos of the trip, but I wanted to share a few more. I had amazing time and I wanted to share it with everyone. I will be back to regular posts soon!

Replica of John Smith's ship in Jamestown, VA

Anniversary date in Williamburg, VA

Lorikeet feeding at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA

Wolf training at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA

Wolf training at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA

Pocahontas statue at Jamestown, VA

John Smith's landing at Jamestown, VA

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