Saturday, May 23, 2015

Swatch Saturday: Julep Stevie

My nails have been through this same ol' song and dance before: major breakage. I have been moisturizing, using strengthening base coat, and taking biotin, but they have been breaking left and right.

Since I've been nubbin' it, I wanted to break out some awesome dark polishes. Is it just me, or do dark nail polishes and short nails go together like peanut butter and jelly? I opted for Julep Stevie.

Julep Stevie swatch

Julep Stevie swatch

Julep Stevie swatch

Julep Stevie swatch

I am loving the dark, gun metal shade, and the hit of added shimmer. The formula was really smooth and the polish went on easily. This is ONE COAT guys! Can't get any better than that.

What do you think of Julep Stevie? What's your favorite polish to wear on short nails?

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