Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Look Book: Think Pink

I love saving money. There, I said it. Ben and I only eat one meal out a week to save money, and we are always using coupons at the grocery store. When we go clothes shopping at Kohl's, I walk right to the back to pick through the clearance racks. But once in a while, I lose self-control. As I was walking to the clearance rack, a beautiful pink dress caught my eye. It wasn't on clearance and I tried to convince myself I didn't need it, but I gave in.

But I did have a coupon.


Hot pink lace dress

Hot pink lace dress

Hot pink lace dress

Hot pink lace dress

colorful floral heels

orange and pink necklace

Can you see why I just couldn't pass this dress up? I am obsessed with the Barbie pink color, and the lace. It's just so pretty and feminine. I added colorful, floral heels, and a bright necklace for some fun accents. This dress is going to make quite a number of appearances before summer is over!

How often do you give in to a purchase? How do you save money?

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