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Maple Holistics Review + Giveaway

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I know that it's October and you were expecting a Halloween post, but I needed to interrupt your regularly scheduled post to share some awesome products from Maple Holistics. I was sent the Dead Sea Mud Mask and the Vitamin C Serum for review. What I love most is that Maple Holistics' products are organic, all natural and cruelty free!

Maple Holistics Dead Sea mud mask review

100% Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask with Essential Oils

Maple Holistics Dead Sea mud mask review

This mask is made from mud from the Dead Sea, and mixed with lavender, chamomile, and sage. It was so soft and silky, and it took me right back to when I was in Israel putting mud on right from the bottom of the Dead Sea. The application was super smooth and it felt nice and cool on my skin.

Maple Holistics Dead Sea mud mask review

Wearing the mud mask was instant relaxation. It made me want to do nothing but soak in a tub sipping on tea. Afterwards, I read that the essential oils added to the mask provide a relaxing aroma therapy experience. I swear I had no idea! I truly believe in aroma therapy now!

Maple Holistics Dead Sea mud mask review

Maple Holistics Dead Sea mud mask review

As the mask dried I could really feel it tightening my skin. It made it really hard to move my mouth or make any facial expressions. It felt like I had just gotten Botox (not like I have ever done that, just how I imagined it would be). Ben told me I looked like Peeta from the Hunger Games when he painted himself like a rock.

peeta rock

Maple Holistics Dead Sea mud mask review

After the mask turned from dark gray to light gray I jumped into the shower to wash it off. My skin felt really nice and soft. I used this product a few times, and while I haven't noticed any long-term effects yet, I am having a lot of fun using it for some extra pampering.

Vitamin C Serum for Face with Superior Anti-Aging Benefits

Maple Holistics vitamin C serum review

This serum is full of vitamin C, plus hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, vitamin E, aloe, and algae extract. Basically, a bunch of things that are really amazing for your skin. It is pretty easy to work it, just use the dropper to put some on your finger tips, then rub it into your skin. I did this 1-2 times a day for about 4 weeks.

Maple Holistics vitamin C serum review

It has a pretty mild smell that I didn't notice too much, and just feels a little wet on the skin. As it dries I could feel my skin tightening. I definitely think I need to keep using this product on a regular basis for a few months to see the long term effects. I am almost 26 and I am just starting to see the beginning signs of aging on my face. Its never too early to start taking care of aging skin and this is perfect for that!

Maple Holistics (sponsored by has also generously decided to give away a bottle of their Winter Blend Shampoo and a bottle of their Winter Blend Conditioner to one of my lucky readers!


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BONUS! Here is a photo of me in the Dead Sea in Israel, wearing actual Dead Sea mud:

Dead Sea mud

I received these products for review from Maple Holistics (sponsored by All opinions are my own.
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