Saturday, November 7, 2015

Anjolee Jewelry Review

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I'll let you in on a little secret, Ben had a lot of help from me when it came to choosing my engagement ring. I actually made a Pinterest board with different rings I liked, and what I liked about them. He spent hours at the mall and went to 8 jewelry shops before he finally found the perfect one.

Anjolee diamond engegement ring review

When I was searching for rings to Pin, I wrote notes about what I liked and didn't like about each one. I wish I had used a website like Anjolee to pick my perfect ring. They have so many options to choose from including engagement rings, matching bridal sets, plus anniversary rings. Once you choose the ring, you can completely customize it. Choose the metal, the type and size of the diamond, the engraving, and the ring size. Choosing the ring size is very important to me because I am a size 4 ring which is so hard to find in stores, so I love that with Anjolee I can pick my size. Ben actually couldn't get his first choice of engagement ring for me because they couldn't make it as small as a size 4.

Anjolee diamond bracelet review

If you are not in the market for an engagement ring, Anjolee has lots of other pieces of jewelry to customize. I am always looking for bracelets to add to my collection. Just like with rings, I have a really small wrist size as well. Normal sized bracelets from regular stores are so big on me that they fall off my wrist. With Anjolee, you can customize bracelets and pick the metal, stone color, and of course, the size.

Anjolee diamond necklace review

I have also been on a huge necklace kick lately. They are the perfect way to make a bold statement, or add a subtle accent to any outfit. I am about to sound like a broken record, but since I'm so short, sometimes necklaces don't fit quite right on me. They usually sit lower on me than they are meant to on a normal height person. The riviera necklaces from Anjolee can all be completely customized so I can make sure that the necklace fits perfectly. Just like with the rings, I can pick the type of diamond and metal too.

All of the jewelry on Anjolee is high quality and real, which does make it on the pricey side. However, they are perfect as gifts or just a special treat for yourself. I love that everything can be fully customized so you can be sure you are getting exactly what you want and that there are no surprises. Plus all of the pieces are gorgeous!

What jewelry do you have trouble shopping for? Have you bought anything from Anjolee before?

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This post was sponsored by Anjolee, all opinions are my own.

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