Friday, November 20, 2015

Hidden Creek Country Club Wedding Show

Ben and I have been slowly but surely planing our wedding for the past ten months. We haven't made too much progress, but we have booked our venue, and we are starting to do our research. It was perfect timing when I heard about a local Northern Virginia wedding show, and even better, it was at our venue!

One thing that was very important to me while we were there was to talk to vendors that are familiar with our venue. We spoke to DJs, photographers, and hotels, and we even got to try some cake! We learned about what was important to us, and what we could do without.




It was also great getting to sample some of our venue's hors d'oeuvres. It gave us a sneak peak into what we can expect for our tasting next year. They also had a lot of table settings out which was extremely helpful and I am already getting ideas on how I want our tables to look. They even had cocktail tables set up outside, and in the dance area.






After talking to every vendor, and collecting some swag, I ended up winning one of  the raffle prizes! I won a free 2-night stay at a local hotel (hello, bachelorette party!).

Ben and I had a great time at the wedding show, but now it's time to kick planning into high-gear. I can't believe we are a year and a half out already!

Have you ever planned a wedding? Did wedding shows help in the process?

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