Monday, November 30, 2015

Makeup Monday Must Haves: Berry Lips

I have mentioned it before, but I used to be really scared of bold lips. I love a dramatic eye, and to me, a bold lip on top of that would just be too much. Plus, I hated having to worry about my lipstick coming off, and then having to pull out a mirror to reapply. I was a lip balm girl through and through.

But something switched in my head earlier this year, and now I am bold lipstick obsessed! It's perfect for when I am too lazy for a full eyeshadow look, but I still want to look put together. I started collecting lippies left and right, from bright corals, to classic reds, and fun pinks. However, my favorite would have to be the boldest of them all, berry.

Makeup Monday Must Haves: Berry Lipstick

Now that fall is almost over, and winter is just around the corner, I have been lusting over dark berry lipstick even more. You can bet that I will be using every one of my berry lippies during these next few months, and that just makes me want to add more to my stash!

Do you love berry lipstick as much as I do? What lip colors do you love for the winter?

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