Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Glittering New Years Eve With AuttyW

Halloween will always be my #1 favorite holiday, but New Years Eve is not too far behind. I love ringing in the new year by having lots of fun. You get to start the year off feeling good, and I think that can get the tone for the whole year to come.

My blogging bestie, Autumn, of AuttyW, and I were talking about new years eve nail art and we decided it would be even more fun to do a twinsie collab! I also felt that this would be the perfect opportunity to try out one of my new Ciate nail polishes.


Monday, December 28, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: White Liquid Latex

Press Sample

I really hate doing water marbles and gradients. Not just because I suck at them, but becasue of the clean up. I swear it takes me longer to clean up my cuticles than it does to do the actual nail art! I have wanted to try out liquid latex for my nails for ages in hopes that it would make messy nail art easier to do.

Born Pretty Store sent me a bottle of their White Liquid Latex and I was so excited to give it a go! The directions are simple, just paint on the liquid latex around your nails. Once it's dry, do your nail art like normal. When you are all done, use a pair of tweezers to peal off the latex.


Friday, December 25, 2015

Ciate Mini Mani Month 2015

One of my family traditions is to travel to Austin, TX every December to celebrate the holidays with my brother and sister-in-law. My brother and I both love Star Wars, and went to see Revenge of the Sith and The Clone Wars together in theaters. When we found out that The Force Awakens was coming out in December, we planned our holiday trip a year in advance. P.S. It was amazing!

We also exchanged gifts during my visit last weekend. One gift I got was the 2015 Ciate Mini Mani Month. I only ever got the Mini Mani Month once before, in 2012, so I was really excited. Since I just got it last weekend, and it's intended to be opened from December 1st through the 24th, I decided to do a round up today of the whole box! (Warning, this is a picture heavy post.)


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: Silver Lace Nail Art Stickers

Pres Sample

This December all I have been thinking about are dark colors and metallics. I don't celebrate Christmas so I am not really into red and green, but the holiday time is perfect for blacks, blues, golds, and silvers. It reminds me of the night sky (since the nights are longer now), with twinkling stars and lights.

It's no wonder I was drawn to these silver lace nail art stickers from Born Pretty Store. I knew I wanted to wear them over black. I also layered gold and silver flakies to really get into the spirit. These stickers are really easy to use, just peal them off the backing and stick them to your nails!


Monday, December 21, 2015

Makeup Monday Must Haves: Colorful Liquid Eyeliner

In this blog's beginning days, it was just a nail blog. Once in awhile I would share a makeup look or outfit, but I still branded Claws Up as a nail blog. Two Years ago, I decided to make a change, and I rebranded my blog as a beauty and style blog. Once that happened my love for makeup went from a flame to a fire and my collection grew.

One thing that love doing is less wearable, more fun, makeup art. I realized to do this I needed more colorful liquid eyeliner, think paint for my eyes. I have a few colors, but I really have been wanting to expand my collection.

Makeup Monday Must Haves: Colorful Liquid Eyeliner

I loved those colorful liquid eyeliners from Urban Decay so much that I just bought three of them, plus they were on sale, can't get any better than that! Keep an eye out for some colorful eye looks!

Do you like colorful liquid eyeliner? What is your favorite color to wear?

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Look Book: Grey Cardigan

I didn't get into cardigans until I was in college. Before then, I was all hoodies all the time. The first cardigan I ever got was medium grey and plain. I wanted something that would go with everything. That thing got worn all the time. Recently, I decided it was time to retire my favorite cardigan. It was just too warn out. That left a hole in my closet for a new grey cardigan.

I checked a number of stores, but I could not find a plain, grey cardigan. Why were they so hard to find? Finally, while on a shopping trip with my mom, I spotted one! 


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Me Thyme Review

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I love creating a spa-like environment at home. You don't always have to spend loads of money to pamper yourself. Sometimes all you need is a few candles, some nice music, and the right products. I love how relaxed I felt when using the Maple Holistics Dead Sea Mud Mask.

When Me Thyme gave me the opportunity to try some of their products, I jumped at the chance. Me Thyme is an all natural line of bath and body products. Even better, everything is vegan, cruelty free and free of chemicals.


Monday, December 14, 2015

Makeup Monday Must Haves: Moss Green Eyeshadow

During one of our daily Snapchats with blogging bestie, Autumn, she mentioned how much she loved the eyeshadow I was wearing. When I told her it was Urban Decay's Mildew, she wanted it instantly. That was my inspiration behind this Makeup Monday Must Haves post!

Moss green is one of those ugly-pretty colors. In theory, an earthy green isn't the prettiest, but sometimes that's what makes a color so beautiful!

Makeup Monday Must Haves: Moss Green Eyeshadow

Being a darker color, moss green is the perfect eyeshadow color for bold and dramatic looks. It can be worn with browns, blacks, even golds, for a gorgeous glam look!

Do you like moss green eyeshadow? Which one is your favorite?

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: Lace Transfer Foils

Press Sample

I always felt that fall was the busiest time for me, but it looks like winter is too. Well, technically, it's still fall for a few more days. Between wedding planning, house shopping, and holiday parties, I have been swamped!

Even with everything going on, I want to make sure I get these blogs posts out, especially the reviews. A little while ago I tried out these lace transfer foils from Born Pretty Store. It came as a 100 cm long ribbon in a small jar, without any instructions. I looked up the instructions online and it said to apply two coats of nail polish, the darker the better, and wait until it's tacky. Then press the foil on the nail to transfer the image, and peal off the plastic.

I got the black lace pattern, and I knew I wanted to wear it over a red polish. As per the instructions, I chose a darker red.


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Julep Maven December 2015 Box: The All Night Long Collection

When Julep released the December 2015 collection, I knew that I needed to opt in for a Maven box. This month we were introduced to the All Night Long collection that looks like it's perfect for New Years Eve. This collection was filled with glitter bombs and vampy colors.

I opted for the Sultry Starlet box which contained a nail polish, Dial Up Your Glam eyeshadow, and It's Whipped Matte Lip Mousse. Let's unbox it together!


Monday, December 7, 2015

Makeup Monday Must Haves: Contour Palette

It is no secret that contouring has been really popular lately. Have you seen some of those videos were people completely transform themselves using makeup contouring? It is seriously amazing what makeup can do, and that is one of the reasons I love it so much.

I have been wanting to get into the contouring game for a while. I tried a contour palette by Physician's Formula, but I was hoping for a more dramatic effect. Then I picked up a definer by ELF, which I like, but it was only the dark color, and I still need a light color to highlight. I am pretty pale, so it has been a struggle finding a highlighter that is lighter than my skin (similar to my midi-ring struggles) so I have actually been using a light eyeshadow #TheStruggleIsReal #PaleGirlProblems

Makeup Monday Must Haves: Contour Palette

I have been dying to get my hands on a real contour palette. One with a deep shade, a shade light enough for my pale skin, and all the colors in between.

Do you like to play with contouring? What is your favorite contour palette?

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Fall Engagement Photos

Boy, this post is late! Ben and I had our fall engagement photos done at the end of October, but I have been so behind with my blog posts. I probably should be posting one of the many product reviews I have, but fall is almost over and I wanted share these with you!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: Zodiac Stickers

Press Sample

I have been interested in astrology for as long as I can remember, and I really feel a connection with the signs in my chart. A few years ago I got a tattoo to represent the three signs I resonate with the most, Libra, my sun sign Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

A few years ago, Kelly from Devilish Designs, did nail art inspired by her tattoo and I loved the idea! I knew I wanted to do tattoo nail art too. I have two other tattoos, but my zodiac tattoo is my favorite. When I saw that Born Pretty Store had zodiac nail stickers, I was so excited to try them out in some tattoo inspired nail art.




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