Friday, December 18, 2015

Look Book: Grey Cardigan

I didn't get into cardigans until I was in college. Before then, I was all hoodies all the time. The first cardigan I ever got was medium grey and plain. I wanted something that would go with everything. That thing got worn all the time. Recently, I decided it was time to retire my favorite cardigan. It was just too warn out. That left a hole in my closet for a new grey cardigan.

I checked a number of stores, but I could not find a plain, grey cardigan. Why were they so hard to find? Finally, while on a shopping trip with my mom, I spotted one! 










Not only is the the perfect plain grey cardigan, but I love that it has a little something extra. When I saw the sheer bottom, I knew I needed it in my life. It has that peplum feel, but not a traditional peplum. For this look I paired my new cardigan with this embellished purple top. I finished the look with some comfy jeans and grey boots to match.

Have you ever had trouble replacing a favorite clothing item? How do you like to style a cardigan?

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