Monday, December 21, 2015

Makeup Monday Must Haves: Colorful Liquid Eyeliner

In this blog's beginning days, it was just a nail blog. Once in awhile I would share a makeup look or outfit, but I still branded Claws Up as a nail blog. Two Years ago, I decided to make a change, and I rebranded my blog as a beauty and style blog. Once that happened my love for makeup went from a flame to a fire and my collection grew.

One thing that love doing is less wearable, more fun, makeup art. I realized to do this I needed more colorful liquid eyeliner, think paint for my eyes. I have a few colors, but I really have been wanting to expand my collection.

Makeup Monday Must Haves: Colorful Liquid Eyeliner

I loved those colorful liquid eyeliners from Urban Decay so much that I just bought three of them, plus they were on sale, can't get any better than that! Keep an eye out for some colorful eye looks!

Do you like colorful liquid eyeliner? What is your favorite color to wear?

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