Monday, December 14, 2015

Makeup Monday Must Haves: Moss Green Eyeshadow

During one of our daily Snapchats with blogging bestie, Autumn, she mentioned how much she loved the eyeshadow I was wearing. When I told her it was Urban Decay's Mildew, she wanted it instantly. That was my inspiration behind this Makeup Monday Must Haves post!

Moss green is one of those ugly-pretty colors. In theory, an earthy green isn't the prettiest, but sometimes that's what makes a color so beautiful!

Makeup Monday Must Haves: Moss Green Eyeshadow

Being a darker color, moss green is the perfect eyeshadow color for bold and dramatic looks. It can be worn with browns, blacks, even golds, for a gorgeous glam look!

Do you like moss green eyeshadow? Which one is your favorite?

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