Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Makeup Look: Serenity

I'm sure you know by know that Pantone has chosen two colors of the year for 2016, rose quartz and serenity, and I love them both! After I realized that I had the most perfect rose quartz makeup look just sitting in the vault, I knew it needed to see the light of day. And I couldn't post a rose quartz look without doing serenity makeup too!

Serenity is a beautiful light blue, on the boarder of periwinkle. I was looking through my stash, and I actually had an eyeshadow that matched perfectly! I only had one shade of this color, so I added some lighter and darker shades for more depth.







I actually picked up this eyeshadow back in college for a semi-formal dance to match my blue dress. I liked the color at first, but when I first tried it on, I ended up not liking it at all. It lived in the back of my stash for years. I kept almost throwing it away, but something inside me stopped me. I might have just been years ahead of my time, and I was keeping it for this day, because I love this color now!

What do you think of the Pantone colors of the year? Would you wear serenity makeup?

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