Friday, January 22, 2016

Makeup Looks: Rose Quartz

Sometimes I plan out my makeup looks, and other times I just do my makeup and see what happens. And sometimes I create a look and then it sits in the vault for months. This is one of those times. One day I threw together a light pink look, and took some photos to share it. Then other things came up like reviews I needed to post, and holidays, and the look stayed hidden.

I did that makeup look months ago, before Pantone announced the colors of the year. Once I realized that this was the perfect Rose Quartz look, it was time to let it out!







Isn't this the perfect Rose Quartz makeup look? I love how light and delicate it is, and the bit of shimmer brightens it up. After I realized that I had done this Rose Quartz makeup, I knew I had to do a Serenity look too!

How do you like wearing Rose Quartz? Will you try out a Rose Quartz makeup look?

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