Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Purely Fancy Feast Review

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Have you guys joined Klout yet? It's a website that measures your social influence. It's neat getting to see the reach of my posts and how people interact. Part of being on Klout means you can be eligible for Klout perks, depending on your score.

I turned down my first few Klout perks (they weren't really for me) but I jumped at the chance to try out Purely Fancy Feast...well, for Muffin to try it out.

I swear, I didn't actually try it myself.


Purely Fancy Feast comes in six different flavors featuring fish and chicken. All the food is natural, and comes in a broth. At 2 oz per packet, each serving is about the third the size of a standard can of cat food.





Muffin would give Purely Fancy Feast two thumbs up, if she had thumbs. As soon as I opened the packet, she starting meowing in anticipation. When I put the food down, she started gobbling it right up. The next morning, the bowl was licked clean! I think this was a winner in her book, which means its a winner in my book too.

We feed Muffin a third of a can of food each night, so each of these packets is the perfect size for a meal. If your kitty needs more food, they will probably be too small.

And yes, I keep those Halloween place mats out all year long.

Have you received any Klout Perks? Would you let your kitty try Purely Fancy Feast?

I received these products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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