Friday, January 15, 2016

Wedding Cake Tasting with Edibles Incredible

Life has been non-stop lately! Usually things are very busy for me in the fall, but by the time winter comes, I am finally able to relax and catch up on life. Not this year! A busy fall turned into a busier winter as Ben and I continue to look for a house, and plan our wedding.

There's no argument that trying on dresses is the most fun part of planning a wedding (and I can't wait to do that this spring), but cake tasting has to be a close second. Ben and I scheduled our cake tasting in Decemeber at Edibles Incredible with the owner, Alan Furman.


A few months before the tasting, we got to pick our flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet. Since we will have a couple gluten free guests, Alan let me add on a fourth, gluten free flavor.


We got to the bakery and it was packed! Only a few weeks before Christmas, lots of people were coming in to pick up goodies. We were seated at a small table away from the crowed, and given some water. As we waited for Alan to meet with us, Ben and I spent a few minutes looking through the book of wedding cake designs, and promptly saw one we both loved.


Alan then came over and we chatted about the whole process from tasting the cakes, to ordering and designing, and delivery on the big day. I was getting so excited, the cakes couldn't come out soon enough.

Ben and I took a few minutes to have a few bites of each flavor, and they were all so good! After eating more cake than I should have, we decided on our flavors (but you will have to stay tuned to find out what they are)!


As you can see, each slice of cake we got was huge, so Alan wrapped up our left overs to take home. Snacking on cake for the next couple of days actually left me with a weird feeling. The cake I was eating was our wedding cake! No, we are not serving year and a half old cake at our wedding, but we were eating the flavors of the cake from the bakery that is going to be at our wedding. It was surreal. Or maybe I was just chocolate wasted,

On a side note, Muffin loved the vanilla cake, and I loved getting to share my special cake with her.

Well, that's another thing checked off my giant to do list!

cake tasting

What is your favorite cake flavor? Any guesses on which flavors we chose?

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