Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Born Pretty Store Review: Blue Loose Glitter

Winter is officially upon us! We had a slow start with a pretty warm December, but these last few snows and cold nights mean winter is here. Punxsutawney Phil might have have let us know that spring is coming early this year, but for now it still feels like I'm living in Antarctica.

When I received this blue loose glitter from Born Pretty Store for review, I knew I wanted to do winter nail art. The loose glitter comes in every color you can imagine, including four shades of blue, and I received the lightest shade called 228. The loose glitter comes in a small pot with both micro, and hex glitters. 

To use the glitter, I worked one nail at a time and painted each nail with a light shade of blue polish. Then I gently sprinkled the glitter on top. Once the blue polish underneath dried, I sealed it in with top coat.








What can I say, glitter is glitter. It's messy, and was hard to wrangle the excess back into the pot, but that's true for all loose glitter. I thought the glitter looked really pretty on the nail, and I loved that it completely covered it without any gaps. This has nothing to do with the glitter, but I thought my little penguin was cute too!

Have you tried the loose glitter from Born Pretty Store? Have you done any winter nail art?

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